Going Mobile with Django and jQuery

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Jul 30, 2012 | Category: Django JavaScript

This is not the only way to build a mobile site - certainly, some methods are probably better depending on your needs.

But this method is simple, and if your mobile needs are also simple, this may be the way to go.

Maybe you just have a blog (such as ...

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Where Have All The Women Gone?

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Jul 10, 2012 | Category: Girl Geeks

I've worked in technology for over a decade, and for most of those years, in most of those jobs, I worked with more than my fair share of other women. Maybe I've just been lucky?

My very first code job was at a game company in Berkeley. I worked in ...

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Goal Setting for Regular People

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Jul 03, 2012 | Category: Personal

I've been writing code for a little over a decade now, and have spent the last four years of that time working for the same company. Lately I've been feeling more than a little restless. It could be frustration with the current project, boredom after the long term with my ...

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Solved Problem: A Story About Big Data in a Little Space

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Jul 02, 2012 | Category: Python

As part of the API project for this iPad app I'm working on, we have to pull down, filter and ingest thousands of Gb of song data from a major music information source. This data is offered to commercial partners in two formats - a relational database or a collection ...

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MS Excel and Python's csv module

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Jun 29, 2012 | Category: Python

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in quite a while. Almost a year ago I started on some API work for an upcoming iPad app for a recording artist that has taken most of my focus and left me with not much time to participate in other projects. ...

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