New Year's Python meme

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Jan 05, 2010 | Category: Python

A few days too late ...

  1. What's the coolest Python application, framework or library you have discovered in 2009?
  2. PIL. Okay, maybe it wasn't exactly a new discovery, but I'd never used it before to the extent that I did in the last quarter of 2009, and ...

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2010 New Year's Resolutions

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Dec 30, 2009 | Category: Personal

I don't need to lose any weight, I've already quit smoking, and although I could probably stand to get back into my weight training, it looks like the pedestrian challenges are out of the way. The path has been cleared for me to tackle three big goals in 2010.


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Image Resizing with Python and ImageMagick (bleh)

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Dec 11, 2009 | Category: Python

Let me first give a little background on this project, and then I'll break down the script.

I'm working with a legacy image handling system that's more than a little convoluted. Source images for different music artists are uploaded through a multi-tenant CMS to a media server, to a DAV-enabled ...

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My Picks for PyCon 2010

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Dec 09, 2009 | Category: PyCon Python

Following the lead of Catherine Devlin, Jesse Noller, and other Python bloggers, I've finally had a chance to comb through the list of talks for PyCon 2010 and come up with a few picks of my own. It goes without saying that I'll probably change my mind ...

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Getting Update Times On The DB Server - MySQL4

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Nov 06, 2009 | Category: MySQL November Post-A-Day Python

Here's the MySQL4 version of the script I posted yesterday. On the MySQL4 server, we don't have that handy INFORMATION_SCHEMA db for reference - instead, we have to get table information using

. The biggest difference between the two scripts is that this one requires a ...

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