Getting Update Times On The DB Server - MySQL5

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Nov 05, 2009 | Category: MySQL November Post-A-Day Python

Here's another utility script that I use to check on replication to one of our slave db servers. This probably bears some explanation - a few months ago, replication stopped for no apparent reason (at least no reason that was apparent to the developers - our SA either didn't know ...

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File Comparison With Some DB Bells and Whistles

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Nov 04, 2009 | Category: November Post-A-Day Python

Right. So yesterday's post was mind-numbingly simple. But that's the just the file comparison. The script that I actually use also hits the db and generates a slew of additional updates for me, based on the results of that diff.

 #!/usr/bin/python # usage: ./ pwdata102409.txt pwdata103109.txt used_codes_wk6 ...

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Simple File Comparison

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Nov 03, 2009 | Category: November Post-A-Day Python

Without going into too many specifics, one of the things I do on a weekly basis is intake records from one of our vending partners, massage the data a little, and update one of our own tables based on the results. Basically, what I get from this vendor each week ...

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The November Blog-A-Thon

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Nov 02, 2009 | Category: November Post-A-Day

Clearly, I'm already a day behind on the whole "blog every day in November" thing. But since I haven't actually posted in ... almost a year (not since the last PyCon, in fact), I still consider this a step in the right direction.

The thing is, to blog about ...

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Working with the Django admin and legacy databases, pt.3

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: May 01, 2009 | Category: Django

Part 1 | Part 2

After you've run inspectdb and done all your syncing and basic admin setup, take a peek at the models you generated - depending on the state of your legacy db, you've probably wound up with something that looks like this (column names have ...

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