East Coast vs. West Coast - It's On

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Apr 06, 2009 | Category: Django

Django Dash, "a chance for Django enthusiasts to flex their coding skills", is coming at the end of May. The idea is to give developers a weekend to build a site - any site - with high scores given to those that are the most polished at the end ...

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Posting to the Twitter API

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Apr 05, 2009 | Category: Python

Just to provide a little bit of context, I'm working on a project that will be similar to secrettweet. Users will be able to post anonymous messages. Those messages will be reviewed manually through the Django admin, and once they're approved, they'll be posted to a Twitter account through ...

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Simple Parsing Script

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Apr 04, 2009 | Category: Python

A simple script to parse plain text files (in this case pipe-delimited), then write the rows to a table. Take a look at the sample text file - the fields in the first row should match the column headers.


 #!/usr/bin/python # usage: ./parser.py CUSTOMERORDERS_20090401.txt # don't forget ...

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PyCon 2009 Wrap-Up

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Apr 01, 2009 | Category: PyCon Python

I was a little nervous about going - with less than a year of Python under my belt, I still feel like a relative newbie. And the last few months of my life have been dominated by PHP (hey, that's what pays the bills).

But I'm so glad I went. ...

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Happy (belated) Ada Lovelace Day

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Mar 25, 2009 | Category: Girl Geeks ald09

Whoa, look at the date on that last post. A lot has changed since then - I went back to work in a PHP shop, all the while intending to keep doing Python/Django on the side, but I haven't been able to make as much time for that as I ...

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