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Posted by: barbara | Date: Nov 12, 2008 | Category: The Internets

"Thus two separate source program files, each of which contains the definition int a; either represent an error (if the linker prohibits duplicate external variables) or will share a single instance of a whether they wanted to share a or not."

C Traps and Pitfalls, Andrew Koenig

Taking the ugly out of Django comments

Posted by: barbara | Date: Nov 07, 2008 | Category: Django
Django comments are pretty easy to implement - most of what you need to get access to the app and template tags is covered in the documentation:

Regarding the template tags - you should be able to figure out what properties the ...

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converting tabs to spaces in vi

Posted by: barbara | Date: Nov 06, 2008 | Category: Mac OS X Python
This is mostly for my own personal reference - just one of those little things I use frequently and always forget how to set up:

If you're writing Python, then you know that indentation is, uhm, somewhat important. Mkay. I use four space indentation as a standard, but ...

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election results

Posted by: barbara | Date: Nov 04, 2008 | Category: The Internets

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SVN on Mac OS X

Posted by: barbara | Date: Nov 04, 2008 | Category: Mac OS X

It's a few years old, but this article on downloading and installing svn for OS X is still the best and most useful:

Building Subversion (SVN) on Mac OS X [Hive Logic]

Installing is the hard part - once you've got installed, it's just a few easy steps to ...

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