PyLadies Has Arrived In Longhorn Country!

Posted by: barbara | Date: Nov 26, 2012 | Category: Django Girl Geeks Python

Austin, Texas, known for its live music scene and hosting of the annual music and technology festival SXSW, is also home to a vibrant startup and programming community.

Local Pythonistas are numerous enough to justify two separate meetup groups - one focused on web development, and a second centered around ...

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Testing Out the Texas Tribune Elections Scoreboard

Posted by: barbara | Date: Nov 05, 2012 | Category: The Internets

I'll be in the newsroom tomorrow night watching as the results come in. You can also see a limited subset of the results here, thanks to the Texas Tribune's embeddable scoreboard:

To check it out or get one for your own blog, click here. (To clarify, the scoreboard includes ...

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Installing PostGIS with Homebrew

Posted by: barbara | Date: Oct 30, 2012 | Category: Mac OS X PostgreSQL

I learned a few things about homebrew and PostGIS today - things I probably should have learned sooner, but I don't use homebrew that often.

I am (or was) in the process of getting my local (virtual) environment set up (to start work at my new position at the
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PyLadies PyCon Proposal Party at DjangoCon 2012

Posted by: barbara | Date: Oct 22, 2012 | Category: DjangoCon Girl Geeks PyCon

Thank you, DC PyLadies, for hosting the first ever PyLadies PyCon Proposal Party! Jacqueline Kazil and Katie Cunningham organized the event, which took place at this year's DjangoCon (September 3rd through September 8) in Washington, D.C.

On Wednesday, September 5, around ten of the estimated forty ...

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Reporting with Django Multi-DB Support

Posted by: barbara | Date: Oct 15, 2012 | Category: Django

The premise

I needed to build a reporting tool that reads from multiple databases, but that doesn't write to any of them. There should be only one database that's writable from this report app, and that's the default database set up when the project is created, for managing users and ...

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