Happy New Year!

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Dec 31, 2012 | Category: Personal

At the end of every year I see people saying something like "Good riddance, Year X, you sucked, let's hope Year Y brings something better." I've got good reason to say something like that as well - this year brought something pretty big and awful with it. But it also ...

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Luckily, I Speek Leet

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Dec 15, 2012 | Category: Geek Humor

This never stops being funny.

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PyLadies represents at PyCon 2013

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Dec 13, 2012 | Category: PyCon Python

PyCon talks were announced last week, and this year a record number of them are being given by women in the Python community. Of the 114 talks accepted, almost 15% will be presented by female speakers.

Here's the run-down - be sure to add these to your schedule when ...

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Community Contributions: A Follow-Up

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Dec 04, 2012 | Category: Django DjangoCon Girl Geeks PyCon Python

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about contributing to community. A month later, that post was republished by the folks at Red Hat, in their online magazine OpenSource.com. When that article went up, I had a chance to read through it again and realized that ...

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PyLadies Has Arrived In Longhorn Country!

Posted by: bshaurette | Date: Nov 26, 2012 | Category: Django Girl Geeks Python

Austin, Texas, known for its live music scene and hosting of the annual music and technology festival SXSW, is also home to a vibrant startup and programming community.

Local Pythonistas are numerous enough to justify two separate meetup groups - one focused on web development, and a second centered around ...

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