Shiny ... because it's mine.

Django    2008-09-12

I haven't written much lately on the nuts and bolts of Django. I guess I've hit that point in the learning curve where I'm not taking in large chunks of knowledge anymore - now, in my current (work) project, it's all about implementing new features using the same basic concepts I've already got down. If anything new comes up, I'll be sure to write about it. (In fact, my goal for next week is to figure out signals - or get someone to explain it to me - so we'll see how that goes.)

For now, I'll just keep sharing my experiences from last weekend's DjangoCon and talking about what I'm up to.

My next project is a blog app written in Django/Python - I'm anxious to get that going, and I'll definitely post code samples as I make progress.

(I know, everyone is working on their own blog app, but mine will be special ... shinier).

Oh yes, and at work, we gave our CEO a demo of our big Python/Django project there. It went really well - of course it's not a finished product, just what we've managed to build in the last couple of months on our own (as in, with zero input from design, no project management, just us engineers). But we came away with a lot of good ideas for where to go next.

What I'm most excited about is the one feature that didn't make it into the demo - I'm writing the data models and views for a small social feature that will, you know, allow users to join each other's networks and send messages to each other. Yeah yeah, I know, not exactly groundbreaking. But I'm building my own. From scratch. Designing it myself. Again ... shinier.