A terrific Django podcast

Django    2008-08-08

I'm generally of the opinion that any podcast needs to stay around the 20-minute mark to be effective - in this short-attention-span world, anything longer than that tends to lose my interest and gets bumped from the subscription list faster than you can say "Nano". Michael Trier is doing a great job with "This Week in Django" though. The episodes are about an hour long, but each one is packed with truly useful information. The most helpful feature is probably his "Tracking Trunk" segment - he goes through the change list item by item to discuss what's changed, what's new, what's been removed. Really, how many of us have time every day to look at release notes, backwards incompatible changes, and the timeline? And if you miss anything or you want to get more information later, he puts up a nicely detailed set of notes to go with every podcast. Check out the latest episode here: This Week in Django 32 - 2008-08-03